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Gary Cordingly had a very good story  to tell. A story for children about Romans . Gary CIrdingky makes up stories because it’s his way of making money.

Dear  Manager,

It’s not fair that we aren’t allowed to go on a school day to your wonderful Wet and Wet! Can you please let us go because we are DESPRIT! Your amazing business is cooler then science but then your awesome Wet and Wild is only open on Saturday and Sunday. We are dying to come and I know you will let us go and swim.

I strongly believe that all schools should be able to go because it’s suitable for everyone but your great bussenes is not open during school.  We just want to let our hair out so badly.

It’s a one in a life time experience. We would probably rate it five stars if we got the chance to visit. Our stressed parents are SO SO busy so don’t have the time to take us on an evening, but school would like to takes during the day. PLEASE open on a school DAY.

We plan to write this pesuive letter because we like to write reviews about the places we go to visit. Plus the kids they will be amazed from all the slides.  I love it. Once I went with my nice family members – it was marrvoulouse (REALY good) and I think the other childeren would LOVE it  two.

Why  are we writing ? Because we would like to visit Wet and Wild,  then write a review of the trip.

What will the manager do? We want him/her to open up on a school day!


Milly Teeney




Dear Manager/Manageress

I am writing to persuade you to open Wet N Wild during school time because Byker Primary School would love to visit .

Unfortuneatly, we can’t because the timing is too late and therefore our parents will not allow us.

We would really appreciate it if your company could change the time so other school children  can also visit and swim.

Surely, you would agree that some parents would  not let their child go since the time is really late. However if you open during the school day all children would be aloud to visit and nobody will be left out.

If you allow schools to visit in school time this would increase the number of visitors, which can make profit for the company.

In conclusion I am writing to your company so you could please change the times Wild n Wild open  so schools can come in school time with their friends and have lots of fun.


Sincerely   Tabeer

Literacy task 3.

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Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

I hope you have had a lovely holiday so far, although I am sure you are all missing school. If you have some spare time and you want to do some work before you come back to school, then here is a challenge. I would like you to write a story about Christmas.

In the story I want you to go on some sort of adventure, maybe you could be a hero that saves Christmas day by rescuing Santa.

Your writing must include: adjectives, adverbs and powerful verbs.

Your writing could include: embedded clauses and speech (not too much!)

Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a fantastic New Year.

Happy blogging!



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I think that children should get pretty presents because they are kind to brothers and sisters, but you will only get presents if you help your mum and dad and do the dishes. Would you want to be naughty and get no presents on Christmas day?

A huge number of people in Oz have had to slowly walk down the golden, shiny, yellow brick road.

Fenwick Window Review

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Would you like to visit fenwick-window-newcastle-2015-4special Fenwick Window? Well, I highly recommend that you go there.  Surprisingly, it’s no ordinary window. It’s a wonderful, fantastic and special celebration of the Christmas story in a winter wonderland.  This years window tells the story of when Santa Clause and the reindeers save Christmas.  Personally, the things that made it special for me were the story and the song, as it links the whole window.  I liked it when Santa was stuck in the chimney and the elves were trying hard to get him out because it was funny.  Also I loved the millennium bridge, sage and the little details on the tiny accessories.

The windows are suitable for everyone!

Regard Tabeer Shaukat

Fenwick Window Review

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Have you ever visited the outstanding Fenwicks Window?


Well, I suggest you do because it’s good for your family, also it’s funny, lovely and interesting.  Surprisingly, if you look through Fenwick Window you will see a Christmas story.  This story is … One dark night, it was Christmas and Santa crashed his sleigh. He got stuck in a chimney so the elves needed to save Christmas by dropping off all the presents in Newcastle. To me it is special because it felt like it was already Christmas.  For a lot of reasons it would make you smile.

Regards Warren Lee Thompson

It is clear that, all over the massive, wonderful and beautiful world, loving, cute and adorable animals, which everyone loves, are being kept in zoos. Recent reports state that animals are becoming very fond of their natural habitats. The purpose of this writing is to discuss if animals should be free to the wild or not.


All over the beautiful world, cute, fluffy and small animals are being  kept in crowded zoos. Recent report state that animals can get sent away with strangers and also taken away from there family as well. The purpose of this writing is to decide whether animals should be kept in zoos.

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